An Inordinate Fondness for E. coli?

Today in his sermon our pastor was talking about the natural world, and mentioned the famous comment by J.B.S. Haldane (the evolutionist and materialist) that God has “an inordinate fondness for beetles”. I was thinking about this after the service, and about what ID science says about the designer. We claim that it says nothing, other than that some function was designed. I find this unsatisfactory. I mean, once we have decided that the bacterial flagellum was designed, we can ask why the Designer (whoever He might be) wanted to design a flagellum: does He also have an inordinate fondness for E. coli? Or is there some deeper plan? And if, as Michael Behe is claiming, He also designed the malaria parasite, why did He do that? Does he like malaria more than He likes humans?

I cannot answer these questions – I can’t look into the mind of God. But if we are to fully understand the way the world around us has been designed, we need to start thinking about these questions.  How much can ID science help us to look into the mind of God?


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