Lost Missing Link!

I found a nice article talking about an upcoming paper in Nature today.  Apparently, Homo Habilis did not come from Homo Erectus, as they lived at the same time.  Don’t worry though, the materialists tell us, we are all still a product of evolution.

Susan Anton, a New York University anthropologist and co-author of the Leakey work, said she expected anti-evolution proponents to seize on the new research but said it would be a mistake to try to use the new work to show flaws in evolution theory.

But, why not?  Just as with Neanderthals, we now have competing humanoids with one winning out over the other, but no common ancestors to link them.  Common descent depends on finding the common ancestors in order to establish the evolutionary relationships.  Common design, however, does not need these.  With the lack of ancestors, I think we have to agree that common design seems the more likely alternative.


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