Criminal Minds

I’m watching Criminal Minds and enjoying the break between the end of Summer B session and the beginning of Fall session. This episode is about a bomber who blows up technologists because he’s read too much science fiction. As the detectives discuss who was where on the exploded bus, the camera possed by their diagram and one of the passengers on the bus was labelled “P. Smith”


I hope the Darwinist reactionaries don’t start adopting the tactics of the eco-terrorists* as they become increasingly desperate. [FYI everybody that was a joke, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I know the Darwin nuts aren’t terrorists.]

* While the media doesn’t cover the fact, it is the case that eco-terrorists are responsible for more terroristic acts than any other group in US history. Yet the media doesn’t treat Earth First like they treat Al Qaeda. I believe this is a result of racism–the Earth Firsters are usually white college kids. It might be some liberal bias, too, but everybody yells ‘liberal bias’ these days so it’s kind of passé.


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