Privileged Planet

In the comments (I didn’t expect to get comments so soon!) on my post about ID books, glarson24 mentions The Privileged Planet.  Instead of  responding in the comments section, I thought I would give this its own  post.  The Privileged Planet is a wonderfully thought provoking work  and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about ID  science, and especially Cosmological ID science.  Richards and Gonzalez  are a credit to science, and it’s a shame what has happened to Gonzalez  since the publishing of this book.  I’ll explore that a bit more in a later blog post, however.


One response to “Privileged Planet

  1. I hope you get the time to post on this soon. Maybe it’s not too late to save Dr. Gonzalez’s job. It really bothered me that he seemed to be fired, just cause he was a Christian. I thought that his Moon as the Earth’s Museum was a very interesting concept and explains a lot.

    I think I remember Denyse O’Leary, or someone else like her who is really knowledgable at the Uncommon Descent blog commenting on this situation a month or so ago, and I had high hopes that her email campaign to the President of Iowa State would pay off.

    I guess The Designer has other plans for his persecuted brethran.

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