Fallout from Dover

OK, so you might be wondering why I would start a blog on ID science after the Judge Jones fiasco in Dover, PA.  Well, it’s because I happen to know that ID is indeed science and that Darwinism is headed for its downfall, that ruling or not.

OK, so the head of the school board was caught lying, and he explicitly linked ID science to his particular brand of religion, but what does that prove?  It only proves that he is unscrupulous and also ignorant of what ID science is and is not.  So, he thinks this particular science supports his worldview, well, so what?  PZ Myers certainly thinks Darwinism supports his worldview, as does Dawkins, Harris, Dennett, etc.  Doesn’t this mean that Darwinism should also be ruled as religious – not science?

Add to this the fact that on Darwin Day, groups like NCSE actively try to have religious leaders push Darwinism on their clergies from the pulpit no less.  Can anyone else smell the double standard here?


One response to “Fallout from Dover

  1. You know, I am very glad that you brought this up. Anytime you can disagree with that vile excuse for a professor, like Myers, you have my full attention. It is hard to believe that here in America, founded by God-fearing Christians, we can allow that God-Hating man teaching our children. I am eternally grateful in all my prayers that my kids are not exposed to his hatreds and closed mindedness. I pray every day that God will strike him dead.

    What should be taught is that evolutionists are all about the double standard. Someone should apply Dr. Demsksi’s EFT to this and prove it. I am sure that Dr. Demski’s EF would be useful here, and if not here, at least somewhere. If only he had been able to testify at Dover!

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