Unwittingly Aiding the Enemy?

Unwittingly aiding the enemy?

When I was deciding whether or not to take on this blog, I happened to read an article by scordova found here:
The design revolution continues

This post continued an important couple of posts by scordova pointing out how the scientific literature really does support ID. But, there’s an important element to this story that shouldn’t be overlooked. Scordova calls the participants “unwitting” as in their “unwittingly” supporting ID. I’m not so sure that we should jump to the conclusion that they aren’t covertly supporting ID. Knowing that there are subversives in the academic community like myself, it’s not much of a stretch to think that others have seen through the facade of Darwinism but are also held under the thumb of academia, afraid to post their objections for fear of the backlash that would ensue. There’s probably a good chance that some of these “unwitting” arguments for ID are not so unwitting after all. That should give the Darwinists nightmares and should provide hope for all ID theorists that someday ID will prevail.


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