Scientists Would Probably Make Terrible Painters

Now this is just silly Kimberly Brooks at HuffPo writes an article besmirching Intelligent Design. Who is Kimberly Brooks?

Kimberly Brooks is a painter and new media artist. A juried artist, her work has been selected by curators from Cal Arts, MOMA and the Whitney Museum of American Art . is also an interactive pioneer and founder of Lightray Productions ( Brooks also speaks about new media, and teaches “The Art of the Internet” at Otis College of Art and Design ( She maintains her studio in Venice, California.

Would you get your paintings from a scientist? No? Well why would you get your science from a painter? Stick to the watercolors, Mrs. Brooks.


One response to “Scientists Would Probably Make Terrible Painters

  1. No wonder she doesn’t get it – she is an artist and paints in color, and penguins are black and white. She is just another example of people who refuse to see the obvious in design.

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