First Post (crosses fingers)

Hello everyone! I’m new to this so I hope everything goes well. Welcome to Professor Smith’s Weblog. First things first. Who am I? I’m a researcher at a middle-size public university on the Eastern seaboard. I am choosing to remain anonymous right now because politics is rife in academia. Until I get tenure I’d rather people not hold my political opinions against me. I am particularly sensitive about this because I support Intelligent Design science and trust me, that is considered totally beyond-the-pale among the scientific orthodoxy. But I think we’re witnessing the birth of a new science right now and it’s important to support it–and just downright interesting! How often does one see a new science come along? I will post items of note here, and I hope to inspire challenging discussion among other Intelligent Design supporters.


3 responses to “First Post (crosses fingers)

  1. Im glad to find your cite, we can always use another vice in the debate with the dawinists. Sorry you cant give you’re name, but I know you dont want to be another guy like that one in Iowa who got screwed around because he beleves in sceince instead of so-so storys.

  2. John A. Davison

    Anonymity is cowardice pure and simple. It should never have become the standard as it is little more than license for vitriol and an outlet for unfulfilled sociopaths. Imagine a scientific literature with anonymous authors. So much for anonymous authors in the meaningless world of cyberdumb. Write a paper and get it published in a refereed journal under a pseudonym. Good luck!

    I love it so.

    “A past evolution is undeniable, a present evolution undemonstrable.”
    John A. Davison

  3. Mr. Davison,
    I know that you are an ID supporter and that you would be sympathetic to my work, but try to think of what would happen to a young professor like myself. Do you think Behe would still be at Lehigh if he weren’t already tenured when he came out in support of ID? It might be cowardice, but it’s also a necessary part of survival. Were I to simply come out and start writing papers, I would be marginalized and shut out of the process.

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